AI-Powered Manufacturing Optimization Platform For
Automotive Manufacturers

AI-Powered Solutions To Automotive Production Problems

The automotive industry has seen much success through the past few years, overcoming significant challenges over the pandemic and recession. But there is still more work to be done in addressing challenges such as adapting to constantly changing technology and products, deaking with a complex and dynamic supply chain, and adressing the workforce staffing shortage.

How AI Can Help Automotive Manufacturers

Accelerate Manual Assembly Inspection

Up To 99% Accuracy

Vanti’s sophisticated AI-powered solution can watch visual inspection data being performed and alert a facility professional when a unit is misassembled.

Deploy Multi-defect Detection For Complex Pieces

Reduce True Defects By As Much As 95%

Vanti’s adaptive AI platform reduces the number of actual defects found and eliminates false positives for defect detection.

Paint Defect Detection and Prevention

Vanti’s proprietary AI platform has the highest accuracy of any platform for detecting and preventing any paint-related quality issues


Optimizate Manufacturing Process

Reduce testing time by as much as 50%

Vanti’s physics-based optimization solution finds the most efficient way to optimize production lines while maintaining any required linear processes

Detect Welding Cracks

Find issues hidden from the naked eye

Vanti’s AI-powered platform can be trained on any type of data, such as xrays, to identify welding issues that would have otherwise gone unnoticed

EV Battery Inspection & Defect Prediction

Prevent Defects Before They Occur

Vanti’s contextual AI-powered platform finds the data anomalies that lead to production problems and prescribes corrective actions to significantly reduce defects, faults, and errors

Discover faulty units early in the manufacturing process

See how your data can improve early fault detection faster