Core Technologies
Powering Vanti's platform

Vanti harnesses a combination of cutting-edge technologies that work harmoniously to provide you with swift and comprehensive manufacturing insights.

Here’s a breakdown of the three core layers of our product:

Data Input & Processing

This layer encompasses a wide range of data connectors compatible with various data sources such as ERPs, sensors, MES, databases, and data lakes. Our connectors allow you to select relevant data combinations effortlessly. Once selected, the uploader seamlessly transfers the data into the Vanti platform.

Automatic Data Curation

Our advanced algorithms use industry expertise to enhance your data for analysis. By automating data curation, we save you time and effort, enabling you to gain valuable insights from your manufacturing data. With Vanti, high-quality data is effortlessly prepared for analysis through seamless input and processing.

Manufacturing Data Semantics Engine

Our engine performs significant data processing using AI, mfg knowledge, and heuristics. It analyzes free-text data descriptions to identify connections across sources, resulting in a condensed, analytics-ready dataset. The engine also learns your organization’s data model, streamlining processing with minimal user input.

Generative AI-Powered
Insights Generator

Once your analytics-infused dataset is ready, our natural language interface powered by LLMs (Large Language Models) and generative AI takes center stage. It presents you with detailed insights, including the reasoning and methodology behind them, in the form of charts and graphs. Moreover, our natural language interface allows you to interact with the data, enabling you to ask questions and uncover additional insights effortlessly.

Deployment Options to Suit Your Needs

We understand that every organization has unique requirements.
That’s why we offer flexible deployment options:

Manufacturing Process

SaaS (Software as a Service)

Choose our secure cloud-based solution and use Vanti directly on our platform.
This deployment option is the easiest and most cost-effective, allowing you to access the platform without the hassle of managing infrastructure.

Manufacturing Process

Private Account

For customers who prefer deploying Vanti in their private cloud instance on AWS, Azure, or Google Cloud, we offer the private account option. Our team will handle the installation and management processes, ensuring a seamless experience.

Manufacturing Process

Customer Premise

If you require the utmost data privacy and prefer not to utilize any public cloud infrastructure, Vanti can be deployed on a K8s infrastructure at your premises.
While this option requires more management envolvement, it guarantees 100% data privacy and control.

Data Security and Privacy

We understand the importance of safeguarding your data. The storage location depends on the Vanti deployment option you choose. Rest assured that we take data security seriously and adhere to strict protocols.

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