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The Ultimate Glossary For Industrial Operations

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Quality Control in Manufacturing

Downtime in Manufacturing

What is Downtime in Manufacturing Manufacturing downtime is the term used to refer to any period during which production output is zero. The International Society

Quality Control in Manufacturing

Defect Detection in Manufacturing

Within a manufacturing plant, manufacturing defect detection refers to the systems and processes in place to ensure that defective products don’t reach customers.

Quality Control in Manufacturing

Data Analytics for Manufacturing

If you’re a manufacturer, no matter what industry you’re in, chances are your goal is to achieve greater productivity, minimize waste, and improve product quality. Manufacturing data analytics refers to a variety of technologies that aim to make this possible using advanced insights based on data you collect from your manufacturing facility.

Quality Control in Manufacturing

Quality Control in Manufacturing

Quality control is an essential step in any kind of manufacturing facility. You must ensure that completed products meet expectations no matter what you’re producing, whether electronic components or baked goods. This means the result is free from flaws and functions as expected.