Detect Faulty Units Early In The Manufacturing Process

Turn your data into a powerful prediction model that saves time, resources, and materials throughout the entire manufacturing process.

Unlock data-driven insights from day one

Early Fault Prediction

Go live and train your prediction model in hours-not months

Early Fault Prediction

Boost production throughput at all touchpoints

Early Fault Prediction

Identify problems in your manufacturing process

Early Fault Prediction

Gain full visibility into the KPIs that matter most

Increasing demand means there’s more pressure on your manufacturing process

Increasing production targets. Strict compliance requirements. You can’t afford to make mistakes when manufacturing specialized components.

And detecting faulty units too late in the manufacturing process means more wasted materials, manpower, and decreased efficiency at all stages.

Add to that the specialized engineers needed to complete a root cause analysis—and it’s clear why detecting faulty units as early as possible isn’t just important—it’s a necessity.

But with poor visibility into your manufacturing data, identifying the cause of faulty units can feel like guesswork.

That’s where Early Fault Prediction comes into play, providing you with powerful prediction analytics that turns the data you already collect into an accurate system that detects faults faster and more accurately.

See how Innoviz used Early Fault Prediction to increase throughput by 9% See Innoviz’s success story to discover how Early Fault Prediction increased their throughput by 9% and reduced faulty units being tested by over 70%


Gain real-time insights into your manufacturing process

Unlock more value out of your data by using it to identify faulty units across the manufacturing process in real-time.

Simplified integration with your existing data sources

Bridge the gap in your data flows with a solution that’s integration-ready with the most popular data storage solutions.

Drive more business value out of your manufacturing data

Predictive analytics give your company deep insights into all areas of your manufacturing process.

Discover faulty units early in the manufacturing process

See how your data can improve early fault detection faster