AI-Powered Manufacturing Optimization Platform For Electronics Manufacturers

AI-Powered Solutions To Electronics Production Problems

The past few years have been a great for the electronics manufacturing industry. The preference for remote and hybrid work has significantly increased the demand for consumer and industrial technology alike. But with the increased demand comes additional challenges, for example, product commiditization, uncertain demand forcasting, and keeping up with demand due to shortened product lifecycles

How AI Can Help Electronics Manufacturers

Automatic Defect Classification

Vanti’s contextual AI can identify, classify, and group all similar defects autonomously drastically reducing the number of defects that make it to quality control

Automate Root-Cause Analysis

Vanti’s proprietary AI-powered platform autonomously detects drift, identifies the source, and suggests corrective actions

Deploy AI-Powered/Assisted Visual Inspection Stations

Vanti’s sophisticated AI-powered platform can improve efficiency in a number of ways, such as overseeing manual assembly processes or through an AI-powered visual inspection station

Advanced Process Control

Vanti’s physics-based and explainable AI-powered platform gives manufacturers more control over their facilities by optimizing and/or eliminating steps and tests that do not provide any meaningful benefit to the manufacturing process

Improve Efficiency

Increase Throughput and Quality

Vanti’s AI-powered platform improves manufacturing efficiency throughout any facility, from preventing defects before they occur, to identifying effors, faults, and defects in realtime.

Increase Sustainability

Greener Facilities That Maximize Revenue

Reducing defects has a bigger advantage than simply increasing throughput, it also reduces unsalvagable waste, which is an important step to take for any eco-conscious enterprise

Discover faulty units early in the manufacturing process

See how your data can improve early fault detection faster