AI-Powered Manufacturing Optimization Platform For Chemical Industries

AI-Powered Solutions To Chemical Production Problems

The chemical industry has been consistently outperforming the global index until 2017, when it began to slip, in no small part due to the rising costs of formulas, volatile prices, and an increasingly commoditized market

How AI Can Help Chemical Manufacturers

Deploy AI-Powered/Assisted Visual Inspection Stations

Vanti’s sophisticated AI-powered platform provides you with the most accurate AI-powered visual inspection station, ensuring only the highest quality products make it out of the plant

Supply chain optimization

Vanti’s contextual AI functionality provides decision assistance for any number of areas, such as sourcing materials, accounting for variables such as, currency exchange, historic averages, and market trends

Improve Efficiency

Vanti’s AI-powered platform improves manufacturing efficiency throughout any facility, from preventing defects before they occur, to identifying effors, faults, and defects in realtime.

Discover Ideal setpoints for each batch

Vanti’s low latency gives manufacturers the ability to improve outcomes and reduce waste by either manually or autonomously calibrate recipes in real time based on current metrics such as heat, viscosity, or facility temperature

Automate Root-Cause Analysis

Vanti’s proprietary AI-powered platform autonomously detects drift, identifies the source, and suggests corrective actions

Real-time formula calibrations

Empower your facility professionals to be more agile throughout the line, allowing them to use their expertise to teach the platform how to optimize the process using real-time metrics

Discover faulty units early in the manufacturing process

See how your data can improve early fault detection faster