Accelerate Manufacturing Outcomes in Days

Increase production yield, product quality, process efficiency, and more, with Vanti’s rapidly deployable AI-platform to realize manufacturing agility – within days, not months.

Democratize AI For Manufacturing Professionals

Empower your manufacturing experts to uncover continuous improvement opportunities using Vanti’s no-code, visually intuitive, data scientist-in-a-box solution — no AI/ML expertise needed.

Your Business
With Adaptive AI

Ensure AI models perform without degradation with Vanti’s proprietary, real-time, adaptive AI technology that eliminates drift and enables ongoing  analytics, decision support, and close-loop optimization

Data Scientist-in-a-Box
No AI/ML Expertise Needed

Built-In Manufacturing Optimization Applications Accelerating Outcomes Within Days, Not Months

Early Fault Prediction

Early Fault Prediction

Predict Faulty units early in the process to cut fail rates by 50%
Visual Anomaly Detection

Visual Anomaly Detection

Visually identify defects to replace manual effort & increase quality

Process Optimization

Process Optimization

Tune processes to improve efficiency by reducing cycle times by 10%

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